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Thanks for all the great ideas! The idea submission period is now closed. Thanks to everyone who shared their ideas and helped make the first phase of Apps4Halifax a success with 276 ideas submitted and congratulations to the winners of the 5 iPad Minis, drawn at random from the submissions.

96 ideas in Live It Up

Hike Halifax

Greg Ripley on Sep 06

An app that gives you Hiking Trails in and around the HRM. Could include pictures of the trails and what you can see. It could also include a rough estimate of how long it would take to walk certain trails. You could also add... more

"HaliStory" or "AncedotALL"

Natasha on Sep 06

Nova Scotia has a long and strong tradition of storytelling - legends, tails, myths, factual events and jokes. Traditionally, storytelling has been done through song, poetry and art. New technologies make it possible to share... more

HRM Libraries

Amanda Robinson on Sep 06

Ottawa has a library app that rocks. We should have one as well. See what you have out, when it's due, put things on hold, view your fines, renew items with a click. Everything you need, whenever you think about it. Also list... more

HRM shopping

Amber Hillier on Sep 06

It would be great for app for all the stores and categories in HRM

WhitecAPPs HRM

Maneka on Sep 06

This could be an App that gives us updated information on the various ski trails around including the weather conditions at the site, the type and amount of snow, how busy they are, closures, the road conditions driving to an... more

Haunted Halifax

Gregory Hillier on Sep 06

This is a app to find all the haunted and historical sites in Halifax and haunted tours in the city and surrounding areas...

What's on Halifax?

H gillis on Sep 06

One spot that promotes the events organized by HRM- public engagement sessions, cultural events, civic events, rec deadlines, HRM council agendas and dates, and more! Tell us what is going on in one spot. This currently does ... more

Light it Up Halifax!

Red on Sep 06

How about a seasonal app for Christmas lights! We love driving through the city seeing all the beautiful displays! It would be really fun to have an app that tells you with GPS all great neighborhoods or houses to check out! ... more

Parenting Pal

H Gillis on Sep 06

Link and promote the family baby, child and youth events happening. Highlight family services, locations, activities, events. Include travel routes, costs, washroom locations. Could be merged with tourism information to promo... more


Red on Sep 06

Having lived outside of Halifax and moved back, there are some things that I do miss about living in a bigger city that Halifax is more than capable of having! An app that is a bulletin board for HRM including local breaking... more

The Tip

Mark/John/Jeff on Sep 06

An active lifestyle app for HRM. You don't need to travel to the Rockies or Pacific Ocean to enjoy outdoor activities associated with these places. We have incredible geographic features and need to do a better job promot... more

Fuel Pump Locations

Alexis Chubbs on Sep 06

It would be nice to have an app that tells you exactly where any gas pump is. You open the app and type in your favourite fuel provider(Irving,Ultra-mar,Esso, ETC.) And the app will list all locations for that provider on a ... more


Kunal Vyas on Sep 06

A social app that lists all vendors providing goods for $5 or less. Vendors can register to offer food, groceries, books or anything under the sun. Following functionality should be included: 1. Vendor should register their ... more

The yard sale planner

Sev on Sep 06

What if we had an app with a map of HRM and you are able to pin when you are having a yard sale? So if someone wants to go out on a yard sale adventure, they can pull up the map and see where they are and plan a route.

Load your event

Sev on Sep 06

Are you planning a community event? Are you a restaurant with a special band playing but can't afford to advertize? Are you clueless of what's going on today in our city and want to be spontaneous go but do not want to searc... more

Star Gazing HRM

Shawna on Sep 05

An app that would assist star-gazing enthusiasts by indicating what constellations are possible to see and the best locations in HRM to view them, either by the naked eye or telescopes. The App could also update users on upco... more

Rainy Day Halifax

Michelle on Sep 05

An app with ideas for entertaining children during inclement weather. Allow local individuals and businesses to upload based on set criteria that is easily searchable (ie: age range, specific dates, gender, location, cost).... more

Halifax Events and Bus

Brodey Mohr on Sep 05

This would be the perfect app for the people of HRM to come together and celebrate any HRM event held! This app will tell people where the event is being held, what time and what the event is. It will give more info about bus... more

(bi)cycle the City

ali on Sep 05

an app for cyclists, walkers, joggers, runners, etc this particular app would function much like any other map and/or route-planning system. included would be all of the official, recognized, painted bike lanes in HRM, ... more

What's Up Halifax?

Kellie on Sep 05

My husband and I often ask ourselves "What do you want to do today?" "What's Up Halifax?" would solve this problem by simply answering a few easy questions. The app would be similar to the music app "Songza" you would subcate... more


Dean Ciufo on Sep 05

an HRM app that promotes everything that is FREE to attend/participate/ or FREE services... utilize calender &/or neighbourhoods/Communities [from current GPS coordinates]... Fireworks, Buskers, Skating/Emera Oval, Public Gar... more

Support Halifax

Nancy Rose on Sep 05

Just this past weekend, my boyfriend and I wished it were 10 years ago, and that we knew where 'this week's fundraiser car wash' was because we were totally up to drop 25$ each for students or volunteers to clean our dirty Ca... more

Urban Lion Safari

Matthew Bradbury on Sep 05

I'd like to make an app that gets people outside and looking for the "little details" of their city/town/etc. It's called the Urban Lion Safari... This app can be used with a cell phone camera to "capture a lion" (there's mor... more

Free events

Peter Jollimore on Sep 05

At times people have tickets to an event they can not used. An app could be developed to link to the twitter account of the supporters of that type of event. The app could link someone with tickets to someone who could use ... more

Active Living App

Sarah MacKeigan, Stepping Up on Sep 05

An app that focuses on making physical activity the easy choice for residents, at home, school, work or play. Information would be readily available on unstructured, low cost/no cost opportunities for individuals and familie... more

MyFitness Halifax

Tina on Sep 04

An app that would allow those with fitness or weight loss goals to be in contact with one another for support, advice, motivation, and accountability. Users could post their weight-loss updates and ask questions, posts goals,... more

Strum (or something like it)

Erin on Sep 04

I think Halifax businesses and people should try strum, or something very similar. Strum is an already existing app. Really big in Toronto & great for customer service feedback. You can rate and provide info about a business ... more

Fish 'n Chip Joints

Doug McLearn on Sep 04

Everybody loves fish and chips so we need an app that tells us where they can be had. Perhaps input from users can be accommodated to rate these locations as well and this info would be available.

Happening Halifax

Maneka on Sep 04

An App that lists local artists, musicians, writers, and plays and performances by homegrown talent, etc. that are playing or appearing (ie. book signings, art exhibits) at various locations in HRM. The App would also allow y... more

Find a playground

Victoria Castle on Sep 04

A playground app with a Google map feature that let's users tag and add images (to make sure they are current and to highlight cool features). Tags by the playground/park users will help parents find what they need in lang... more

Visit Halifax

Edwina Penney on Sep 04

A digital tour of the city of Halifax...sites, going on's, parks, trails, restaraunts, pubs, bars, movies. Concert series Everything to make tourists want to visit out city.

Events App

Edwina Penney on Sep 04

An app tells us about special events, concerts such as the summer concert event at City Hall. Also about the city...historical sites etc.

Wild Animal Tracker

Steven Buckland on Sep 04

With all the enjoyment of the outdoors why not have a locator data tracker of anmial sitings. Using a GPS or park or trail submitions hikers and walkers can keep track of where various animals have been sited throughout the H... more

Things to do!

Bassam Abdeldayem on Sep 04

Bored? Don't know where to hangout? This app is just for you! It shows a large list of Things-to-do in Halifax, and also shows restaurants, café's and other places to go with friends! Top charts would also be available for t... more

HRM Parks & Trails App

Alain Boudreau on Sep 04

I think someone should build an app that shows where our municipal parks and trails are located to encourage residents to get outdoors and discover their local parks and recreational trails (e.g. Shubie Park or Salt Marsh Tra... more

Live Music Halifax

Dan McMahon on Sep 04

This app would show you all live music in the city. A user could sort by area of the city or music genre. Venue owners could enter details of upcoming live music into a simple web page and it would update the app. Users could... more

Halifax Park Pursuit

Jonathan Morse on Sep 04

The main purpose of the app would be to encourage residents and tourists to visit the different parks HRM has to offer. As users check into different park locations a progress bar above the app will fill up. When a user has v... more

ParentHali Informed

Sharon on Sep 04

An app that details family events happening each day of the month. Places to bring kids, mix with other kids/parents. Cheap eats, places to play, family getaways etc.

Get outside-Halifax!

Bernard on Sep 03

An app that uses the devices current location to find the closest public parks/recreation centers/museums and other city run facilities for new HRM residents or tourists.

Hali Matrimony

Shawna on Sep 03

An App that assists with wedding planning by bringing up various services in the HRM. These would include banquet halls including their vacancies, florists, bridal stores, stores with wedding gift registrations, available wed... more

Family Zone Halifax

Gail Keeping on Sep 03

Halifax is a wonderful family oriented city. There is so much to do and see and often so many of the cities treasures and services go unnoticed or under-utilized. This app would service as a single point of contact for famili... more

HRM - Let's Play!

Lauri-Ann Riley on Sep 02

An app which shows all playgrounds in HRM and addresses. App would also include developmental age appropriateness of the playground, vacinity to public bathrooms, wheel chair and stroller accessible, benches, shade or full s... more

Street Cents

Shawna on Sep 02

An App that lets you know the cheapest place and their location to find a particular product among various retailers including specific groceries. For instance, if one enters "milk or laundry detergent", a list of prices from... more


tarren on Sep 02

An App that brings up a collection of coupons, discounts, deals, etc. for the services or restaurants you are interested in as well as customer reviews. For instance, if one wants to look up "pizza" or "haircut" the App will... more

Literary Walking Tour

Laura Avery on Sep 02

Self-guided walking tour of the downtown based on Halifax Public Libraries' current literary walking tour. The app will feature photos of the authors and audio/video short samples of their work. It will include photos/dra... more

HRM Seniors

Kunal Vyas on Sep 02

A mobile app specifically for seniors providing following functionality: 1. Registration only for people over 60 years. 2. List of stores providing home delivery services 3. Ability to quickly call taxi/cab by single butto... more

Fun without Booze

ali on Sep 01

this app would provide you a list of places that are hosting events open to the public which are not going to be full of drunk or near-drunk people. for example, it's friday night, it's 8:30pm, and you and some friends want ... more

LearnIn HRM

SinD Roy on Sep 01

There are so many ways to learn new things in HRM, but where does one find it? Even if someone knows where to look it can be overwhelming searching through hundreds of classes at a dozen different learning organizations. I s... more

Cheap Eats Now

Rich Irving on Aug 31

An app that tells you by day ranked by your location where food and drink specials are. You click the result and the app will give you directions to the place. You can tell your friends you are there. Could also tell you g... more

Yard SALE!

Chrissy on Aug 31

An app that uses "your current location" to inform you of nearby yard sales either in progress or upcoming. Could be linked/updated by the kijiji yard sale category.


Sheila Murphy-Stone on Aug 29

Links and contact information for a variety of things related to mental and physical health. Mental Health contact info including: the emergency phone number for the HRM Mobile Crisis Unit; e-mail addresses and phone numbers... more

What's On Halifax

Erin Ferguson on Aug 29

An event calendar that can shows events by date, location and age range, with web links to the event. This would promote local events to residents and travellers in one accessible place.

Wikitude HRM!

Kirk O'Connell on Aug 29

Wikitude is the World's leading Augmented Reality SDK. The concept would be to have points of interest in the HRM coded so that when you look through the camera of your device, points of interest would pop up on your screen (... more

Go Big Awards

David McGuigan on Aug 28

There are so many active people in Halifax making a difference and giving back to the community. Also, socially-minded local companies are always looking for ways to help make a difference. Enter, the 'Go Big Awards' - a p... more

What's Cooking, Halifax?

Catherine Donovan on Aug 28

An application that allows users to rate local restaurants based on food, service, atmosphere, price etc. Based on the ratings, other users would be able to seek out eateries that would be most appealing by comparing attribut... more

Where can I play

Jonathan Mercer on Aug 28

An app that lets you know if a current sportsfield is booked for use.

Park/playground/ball field locator

Paul Parusel on Aug 28

Application to link HRM recreation database to mobile phone GPS to locate nearest park/playground/ball field to present location and provide directions how to get there and what is at that particular site, ie ball field, wat... more

RecConnect App

Marni on Aug 26

Find and register for HRM programs easily through your smart phone. Find programs quickly and easily without connecting to the RecConnect website. Search by location, program or age range.

Visitor Tour

Andy Callaghan on Aug 24

Perfect for cruise ship passengers or people coming in from away. GPS locates you, sends you information on local products, walking tours, historical information. Kinda like a virtual walking tour. Businesses can advertise... more

Recreation Facility Schedules

Andy Callaghan on Aug 24

When does the Oval have public skating? Is there a soccer field I can book on short notice? Who's playing on Diamond 5 at the Common tonight? Where is the nearest tennis court? Any open icetime at the BMO Centre or Lebrun... more

Places and spaces

Gabrielle on Aug 23

An app that showcases all the great places and spaces (mapped), of where you can be active within HRM. Showcasing: Trails Fields, courts, surfaces and beaches Rec Centres Playgrounds Etc. Also highlighting differen... more

4Rent HRM

Kraig Porter on Aug 22

A 1 stop shop for all apartment rentals for HRM, allows perople to find places in certian neighbourhoods,rate and review both landlords and apartments, it could also be tied to GPS loacation to find for rent near you

Park Smart HRM

Kraig Porter on Aug 22

Allows Users to pay for parking all over the city using their mobile device, it would also send you notifications when your meter is about to expire. it could als help you to track down empty parking spots

Is it safe?

jerome on Aug 22

An app which allows you to type in an area and it will tell you how much crime is there relative to the surrounding areas. You can also allow the app to list the least and most crime populated areas, along with search and ... more

Trail Blazer

Jerome on Aug 22

An app which allows you to pick different trails based on: + User Ratings + Most Visited + Longest Route + Shortest route + Get Lucky! (Random route) Never be stuck at home again asking yourself "What should I do to... more

hrm planner

Stephanie on Aug 21

Basically an app with access to events, transit data, and some kind of sharing platform. There is an app for tracking events in hrm but it does not work that well. However if one were to be made where you can save an even... more

What shall I do today?

Sean Garagan on Aug 20

Many times you see signs for local festivals, block parties or any number of items which you only stumble upon. This app will allow you to see what is going on in your location, based on GPS or by inputting an address. You ... more

Aog parks and dog walking social ap

Warren Rodgers on Aug 19

Create an app for the dog parks and owners in the city. The app should have the off-leash parks that are up and running, their status and maybe even the ability to see how busy they are based on user input. A blog spot to ... more

what is in a name

Debora on Aug 18

Highlighting the areas and streets in the HRM this app would allow users to find out info on the naming of streets, parks, areas and buildings. Why is the hydrostone area called that. What is behind the name of Oxford St et... more

Art Gallery Assistant

Denton Froese on Aug 18

To help people enjoy the art galleries in this city, this app would serve two purposes: 1) it would provide a list (preferably a map) of art galleries in the HRM, and provide information about each gallery, including info... more

Community Connection

Emily Smith on Aug 18

This is an app where residents/business owners can post a photo with a caption or there special event that is going on in the community! This app would essentially be a news feed that could be organized based on categories su... more

Eyes on the Tides

Deirdre Skipper on Aug 16

This is a weather, tide, and surf conditions app updated in real time that tells you what the conditions are at individual beaches on the Nova Scotia coastline. Brilliant to help you know how to prepare for your beach trip ..... more

<<< gf finder >>>

Kirsten MacGregor on Aug 15

This is not the app you use to find a girlfriend... unless she's gluten free! This app will let HRM residence and tourists stop the difficult hunt for gluten free cuisine and allow them to find it in the palm of their hand, w... more


Lynn on Aug 15

This app would allow you to pay for your bus fare, bus pass, ferry ride, parking meters, recreation program, parking tickets, dog licenses etc so that you don't have to be rooting for change - and allow for a secure transfer ... more

My Community Information

Lynn on Aug 15

This app will give residents information on items such as how to contact HRM, Halifax water, eastlink, power - etc. to hook up or disconnect services or just have questions regarding services - if your buying or selling your ... more

My track

Tamara Matheson on Aug 15

An app that lets you sketch out a walking, biking or jogging path that can include streets, bike paths, and trails. It should also tell you the distance. Similar to Google maps but instead of it giving you the most efficient... more

Recreation Trails & Spaces App

Shah Mohamed on Aug 14

This application would GPS map all the trails and recreation spaces that exist in HRM and the surrounding area. The trails and spaces will be cataloged both by activity (eg. skate boarding, urban hiking, swimming, skating et... more

Destination Halifax

Kris on Aug 11

An app for tourists to Halifax. This could list local merchants or restaurants close by. It could allow searching for specific items, ie. postcards, souvenier shops. It could also list restaurants and places to eat for touris... more

GPS shopping list

Sherman Graham on Aug 10

GPS linked Shopping lists that will remind you when you are near the store. This app will allow you to make up a list for any store or address and when you are near the location, say 500 meters, this app will give you a remi... more

Dining Deals

Lindsey MacDonald on Aug 09

This app would tell users which restaurants are offering food & drink specials any day or night of the week. For example, if you were looking for wings on a Monday evening, you could type in "wings" and it would generate a li... more

Most bars per capita!

Shawn on Aug 09

An app that downtown bars can register with, update hourly and provide; drink specials for each night, approximate length of line up, expected waiting time, and what capacity the bar is at.

Guided Tours

Greg on Aug 09

More suited for other places, Halifax had many tours and guided activities. Using it app it will tell you what you can expect to see, history and other information that is hard to convey. It would use geolocation to track whe... more

Where's the Party?

Greg on Aug 09

This app gives you an idea of where people are going and whats popular around Halifax. It will track the geolocation of users(not using much data) and update on a map showing where people are. For instance, The Buskers. It wo... more

Discover Halifax

John Corbett on Aug 09

A dataset of all plaqued historic sites (municipal, regional, provincial, national) and other key buildings and locations that can be addressed by civic address, street or region and includes a picture, historic notes and oth... more

Waterfront events

Jimmy on Aug 09

An app that would tell me the events happening on the waterfront , with location and time and dates

Halifax Central

Daniel Osborne on Aug 08

It would be an app where you can check Bus times flight times and train times and showtimes for Empire Theaters. It would give you details about were you are, and show you good deals on nearby hotels. Also you will be able to... more

What's going on

Robert Tighe on Aug 08

An app to tell what is going on around the city in terms of things to do. If there is a concert, list the time, place and any other pertinent information. If there is an event, eg. buskers, give some information. Get any b... more

311 App

Shaun Simpson on Aug 08

Submit questions and complaints to 311 Centre, a searchable FAQ section that covers topics like transit, recreation, and council. Who to contact (with contact information) for Council, Transit, Bylaws, Police, Fire, etc. A... more


Shaun Simpson on Aug 08

An app that imports the Ice Thickness Conditions in the winter, Field Conditions in the Summer, and Operating hours/events at the Oval.

HRM beach app

Josh on Aug 08

HRM Beaches App could display the tricky directions to get to these beautiful beaches the HRM as to offer its residents and visitors. Also quick profile on each beach with useful icons to demonstrate whether the beach is; Sup... more

Where should i take the kids today?

Barb Burns-bahadur on Aug 08

An app that tells me what's going on in HRM, with the ability to narrow it down to a sub-region and linked to a map for directions. Children's events could be searched for the day, or possibly two, but not further as the inte... more

Cultural Geocaching

Adam on Aug 08

This app is a way to explore HRM, enjoying not just the destination, but also the journey through the city to get there. Unlike traditional geocaching, the reward at the end is not a physical reward, but an educational or cu... more

Halifax Rec

Nick on Aug 08

An app that lists all the REC centres, their facilities, a calendar of events and available rentals.

What can i do now? Recreation app.

Christy Linders on Aug 08

Interactive map of all sport facilities in HRM. Integrate schedules for public swims, skates, etc into a "what can I do right now/at this particular time?" calendar. Offer customizable alerts for sport field closures, oval ... more

GPS enabled tour of city

Evan D'entremont on Aug 08

Using HTML5 GeoLocation API, get information on local restaurants, points of interest, etc. Have specific routes, and/or waypointing to calculate the fastest route through a selection or random hotspots.

Route finder / Trip planner

Mark Slaney on Aug 08

Planning a staycation? Not sure what there is to do in the city? looking to make the most of your day? related to my where's my bus idea, this app idea is for residents and tourists that are just winging it. the app would ... more