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Thanks for all the great ideas! The idea submission period is now closed. Thanks to everyone who shared their ideas and helped make the first phase of Apps4Halifax a success with 276 ideas submitted and congratulations to the winners of the 5 iPad Minis, drawn at random from the submissions.

51 ideas in Go Green

Hike Halifax

Greg Ripley on Sep 06

An app that gives you Hiking Trails in and around the HRM. Could include pictures of the trails and what you can see. It could also include a rough estimate of how long it would take to walk certain trails. You could also add... more

WhitecAPPs HRM

Maneka on Sep 06

This could be an App that gives us updated information on the various ski trails around including the weather conditions at the site, the type and amount of snow, how busy they are, closures, the road conditions driving to an... more

What's on Halifax?

H gillis on Sep 06

One spot that promotes the events organized by HRM- public engagement sessions, cultural events, civic events, rec deadlines, HRM council agendas and dates, and more! Tell us what is going on in one spot. This currently does ... more

Parenting Pal

H Gillis on Sep 06

Link and promote the family baby, child and youth events happening. Highlight family services, locations, activities, events. Include travel routes, costs, washroom locations. Could be merged with tourism information to promo... more

Reduce It! Reuse It! Recycle It!

H. Gillis on Sep 06

We're all trying to conserve. An app that contained all of the 2nd hand stores, consignment sales, garden sales, recycle depots, yard sale events, HRM recycling events, and the garbage/compost schedule.....all in one!

The Tip

Mark/John/Jeff on Sep 06

An active lifestyle app for HRM. You don't need to travel to the Rockies or Pacific Ocean to enjoy outdoor activities associated with these places. We have incredible geographic features and need to do a better job promot... more

Pet Central Halifax

Red on Sep 06

An app designed for dog lovers! It would have locations for all local dog friendly parks, including off leash. Groomers, events like Dog shows, lost pets, adoptable pets from local shelters or pets up for foster. Dog walkers ... more

HRM Biodiversity

Dominique and Gretchen on Sep 06

This app would be a “citizen science” project where people could submit their GPS-linked observations and photos of plants and animals in HRM’s parks, trails and green spaces, and contribute to a database of biodiversit... more

(bi)cycle the City

ali on Sep 05

an app for cyclists, walkers, joggers, runners, etc this particular app would function much like any other map and/or route-planning system. included would be all of the official, recognized, painted bike lanes in HRM, ... more

Urban Lion Safari

Matthew Bradbury on Sep 05

I'd like to make an app that gets people outside and looking for the "little details" of their city/town/etc. It's called the Urban Lion Safari... This app can be used with a cell phone camera to "capture a lion" (there's mor... more

Halifax Carpool

Dwain on Sep 05

This app will have two sections. One for people with vehicles, who are offering seat(s) in their car. The other will be for people looking to get to a certain area. If you are looking for a drive, enter in your address an... more

Halifax BookSwap

tarren on Sep 05

An App that offers a platform for students to exchange, trade, buy, sell, borrow, or give-away textbooks and course packs. As students take courses in different years and semesters, the app would be useful for those looking t... more

Active Living App

Sarah MacKeigan, Stepping Up on Sep 05

An app that focuses on making physical activity the easy choice for residents, at home, school, work or play. Information would be readily available on unstructured, low cost/no cost opportunities for individuals and familie... more

Treasured Trash

Tina on Sep 04

An app that would allow pictures of specific items you are about to throw out that you feel someone else may be interested in to be uploaded. People often drive by houses on garbage days and stop to check out or even pick up ... more

Homegrown Halifax

Maneka on Sep 04

An App that offers assistance in gardening specific to our weather and offering real-time advice based on current and forecasted weather. The App would provide tips and advice to both novices and those with more experience th... more

Our Tree Canopy...Keep it Green

Wendy McDonald on Sep 04

The Urban Forest Masterplan, 2012, is an exciting plan to increase the overall tree cover in the serviced area of Halifax. Under the current management plan, dead, missing or damaged trees may be maintained or replaced genera... more

Gardeners Beware!

Wendy on Sep 04

This app would identify invasive plants that are taking over our parks and public spaces, sometimes to the detriment of native species and best efforts of the gardening community. Two important invasives come to mind...Japane... more

Halifax Tap Free

Edwina Penney on Sep 04

Allows residence find out places that have free H2O to refill there water bottles. Out running, walking, cycling, siteseeing sometimes need extra water... Some places offer free H2O and finding out where these are will be ... more

ReBuild your community

Edwina Penney on Sep 04

Graffiti, potholes, construction, Bike Lane debate. Allows goverenment and residence work together for a better future and more creative ways of tackling these issues.

Be a good Neighbor App

Edwina Penney on Sep 04

Lets residence post anything around their neighborhoods or as they see issues, accidents that is slowing traffic, 311 issues, areas that need to be plowed or shoveled, potholes etc. Lets neighboorhoods and governments work ... more

walking/cycling App

Edwina Penney on Sep 04

An app designed to let us find out where the walking/cycling trails are, where bike lanes can be found. This will be a quicker way to find out about HRM and what is in place for the safety of our walkers and cyclist.

Wild Animal Tracker

Steven Buckland on Sep 04

With all the enjoyment of the outdoors why not have a locator data tracker of anmial sitings. Using a GPS or park or trail submitions hikers and walkers can keep track of where various animals have been sited throughout the H... more

The 4Rs

Aaron on Sep 04

I think everyone needs a little guidance when they are trying to get rid of something. I suggest an app that allows us to look up our item in question and suggest ways to re-use it, then tell us where to take it for either r... more

'What Goes Where' Guide!

Kari Turner on Sep 04

For those of us like myself who are constantly looking on the HRM website to ensure we recycle & compost correctly. This user friendly APP take the Green Cart & Composting section of the HRM website and puts it into any easy... more

Halifax Park Pursuit

Jonathan Morse on Sep 04

The main purpose of the app would be to encourage residents and tourists to visit the different parks HRM has to offer. As users check into different park locations a progress bar above the app will fill up. When a user has v... more

Go metro transit

Jean Laroche on Sep 04

As a frequent Metro transit user I find it hard and frustrating trying to plan cross town trips that involve transfers. When I was in Paris this summer I was very impressed with their app which allows riders to type in their ... more

Hfx Transit Routes

DMacNeill on Sep 03

App for searching all possible transit routes from one location to another including stops not normally listed. Including the ability to enter address not exactly on an address to get transit stops near by and how to get fro... more

Volunteer Halifax!

Shawna on Sep 03

An app that would have *real time* updates for places in need of volunteers. Potential volunteers could look for volunteer opportunities within certain locations, days, weeks or events and organisations. For example, someone ... more

CSA Halifax

Tina on Sep 03

An App that provides information on where you can find independent local farmers, roadside vendors, CSA farmers, organic retailers, etc. to obtain various organic and/or local produce, free range eggs, raw milk, etc. This App... more


Steve Rankin on Sep 03

I'd like to see a GIS focused app, which contains several features that residents can easily use for access to services within the HRM. Some ideas include: - Waste Management: One that can use a devices built in location s... more

What Bag? Barcode Scanner

Charles Zwicker on Aug 31

Most cities all have different requirements for what garbage goes where. With the ability of barcode scanners Halifax could have an app that when you scan the bar code on a product it will tell you how that item should be dis... more


Chrissy on Aug 31

An app that uses "your current location" to quickly inform you of whether it is your neighborhood's week for garbage pick up, or green bin pick up, or both! Also informs of new dates, rescheduled due to holidays etc. As we... more

Green bin app

Michele on Aug 28

To give people information on days green bins are collected in each area. As well as garbage along with quick view on policies and procedures for getting rid of anything and everything! :)

Go Big Awards

David McGuigan on Aug 28

There are so many active people in Halifax making a difference and giving back to the community. Also, socially-minded local companies are always looking for ways to help make a difference. Enter, the 'Go Big Awards' - a p... more


Julia Wright on Aug 25

This app would give users a mobile map (it could build on googlemaps) that clearly marks sidewalk closures, and highlight streets in which sidewalks are closed on *both* sides of the street (say, dark blue marking sidewalk cl... more

Recreation Facility Schedules

Andy Callaghan on Aug 24

When does the Oval have public skating? Is there a soccer field I can book on short notice? Who's playing on Diamond 5 at the Common tonight? Where is the nearest tennis court? Any open icetime at the BMO Centre or Lebrun... more

Sea Level Rise

Richard MacLellan on Aug 22

Using the LiDAR data set that HRM owns to create an app that shows the impacts of Sea Level Rise (plus storm surge and other predictable impacts) on various locations in the municipality. Residents could even input different... more

Garbage when?

Jerome on Aug 22

A simple app for us who have no idea when garbage day is. It uses your GPS to locate where you live and spits out what day garbage day is. If there is a day garbage is canceled this will tell you. You can set up noti... more

Route Difficulty Calculator

Mike on Aug 20

You have high accuracy terrain information in the form of a LiDAR DEM so why not use it? Create an app that calculates the difficulty of a given route based on slope, traffic rules, known road/trail conditions. This could als... more


Emily on Aug 18

An app where members can share pictures of there meal ideas for green eating! This can be combined with daily tips for buying local and eco-friendly foods from the app itself. Sharing meal ideas will add a personal touch whil... more

Green Living

Emily on Aug 18

An app where community members learn learn a daily tip on how to live environmentally friendly!

Markets that sell local products

Linda on Aug 17

An app that shows places in Halifax and around Nova Scotia that you can buy local fruits, vegetables, meats, etc (list view and map view) and provides their contact information.

Watch Me Grow!

Kate Watson on Aug 13

This app would plot (get it?) all the community gardens, urban farms and backyard chickens in HRM. It would also supply information on how to get involved with any of these projects.

What plant is that?

Gardener Bee on Aug 12

I'd like to see an app that maps out all the plants and trees in the Halifax Public Gardens. It would provide latin and common names as well as when it was planted, for trees, and what kind of growing conditions it prefers.

Suggestion Box

KShelden - Suggestion Box on Aug 10

Give suggestions on how to improve things within the city that won't break the bank. People can vote for what should be a priority based upon a list that can be created through the Suggestion Box that would be sent to city co... more

GPS shopping list

Sherman Graham on Aug 10

GPS linked Shopping lists that will remind you when you are near the store. This app will allow you to make up a list for any store or address and when you are near the location, say 500 meters, this app will give you a remi... more

Keep it movin' AND save gas!

Brad on Aug 09

An App enalbing smart traffic flow with less fuel waste: Light fxn: establishes a series of green lights to keep traffic flowing smoothly with fewer stops on main throughfares. No red lights on the throughfare if no cars w... more

Where Does Our Garbage Go

Bob Angus on Aug 09

Where does our Garbage Go? Describe process from curb pick up, commercial, condo, apartment, industrial, building materials, batteries etc. and how they are handled, recycled, what items are reused, Stewardship Programs and... more

Garbage Collection Services

Quentin on Aug 08

A GPS type app that would tell you when your waste and green bins are collected in your neighbourhood, and the alternate dates when it falls on a holiday. Also the app could include a waste reduction incentive by helping y... more

HRM beach app

Josh on Aug 08

HRM Beaches App could display the tricky directions to get to these beautiful beaches the HRM as to offer its residents and visitors. Also quick profile on each beach with useful icons to demonstrate whether the beach is; Sup... more

Cultural Geocaching

Adam on Aug 08

This app is a way to explore HRM, enjoying not just the destination, but also the journey through the city to get there. Unlike traditional geocaching, the reward at the end is not a physical reward, but an educational or cu... more