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Kirsten MacGregor on Aug 15

This is not the app you use to find a girlfriend... unless she's gluten free! This app will let HRM residence and tourists stop the difficult hunt for gluten free cuisine and allow them to find it in the palm of their hand, while providing local businesses a venue for advertising - it's a win, win! Awareness of gluten intolerance and celiac disease is rapidly spreading, and as more people jump on the gluten free bandwagon, so do local market stands, cafes, restaurants, and pubs. This app will let you search for your next gluten free destination, whether it's Evan's fish and chips at Alderney Landing, or Bramoso's pizza on Quinpool - this app has your gluten free destination mapped out for you, with an informative three heart system for each destination: one heart means at least one item on the menu is gluten free, two hearts means a few things are gluten free, and three hearts means the entire menu is gluten free! YAY!