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Where's my bus?

Mark Slaney on Aug 08

An app to help transit riders. users would input their approximate location or select it from a map, and then where they looking to go. the app would show the location of the next bus and approximately how long the wait will be. having an option to set up favorites, such as common routes (to and from work for example) would be cool as well as having an alert chime option when the bus is XX minutes from their stop. this would allow riders to arrive just in time at their usual bus stop rather than waiting in the cold. picture having this app set with favorites such as going to work and the app knows which stop you are going to get on. By knowing where the specific bus is for this person, it could warn the rider that the bus is 5 minutes away from their stop, so they can make from the comfort of their home to the stop. this would make for a more enjoyable experience, especially in the winter. the alert time would have to be set by the rider as it depends how long it takes the rider to get to their stop.