Responsive Devices
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Keep it movin' AND save gas!

Brad on Aug 09

An App enalbing smart traffic flow with less fuel waste: Light fxn: establishes a series of green lights to keep traffic flowing smoothly with fewer stops on main throughfares. No red lights on the throughfare if no cars waiting at crossstreets. No green lights starting a series unless there can be at least 5 more greens in a row at allowed speed limit, on main throughfares. 2ndary fxn: NO stopped vehicles, in no-stopping zones -including taxiis and delivery trucks. Uniquely number all of the STOP zones to enable citizens to send the app a picture of vehicle licence plate info or the Assigned Stop Zone number. Ditto for buses actually PARKED in, thus disabling, a traffic lane ..such as outside waterfront DND... send in the bus number and location info. All data to HRM Traffic Division for info and follow-up.