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Thanks for all the great ideas! The idea submission period is now closed. Thanks to everyone who shared their ideas and helped make the first phase of Apps4Halifax a success with 276 ideas submitted and congratulations to the winners of the 5 iPad Minis, drawn at random from the submissions.

Where's the Party?

Greg on Aug 09

This app gives you an idea of where people are going and whats popular around Halifax. It will track the geolocation of users(not using much data) and update on a map showing where people are. For instance, The Buskers. It would show on a heat map, or however configured, that the waterfront is booming with people, and that a person should head on down. Similarly could be used for Parades, Fireworks, and many other planned events (or unplanned). You would even use this app to avoid those sort of things. If there's a parade and you want to avoid the traffic you can check this app and see that there are a lot of people around that area and stay clear. This app has great potential and could also track anonymous data to help Halifax improve attendance at public events.