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HRM Smart Commute

Warren Clements on Aug 08

Reducing green house gas emissions, traffic congestion and city parking, HRM Smart Commute enables residents to take commuting into their own hands. Basic Scenario Driver: I drive my car to work everyday as I do not live near a bus stop that is convenient for me. I commute 30 minutes by car to work everyday and have 3 extra seats in my car that I could fill. I download the application and enter my route, departure time, arrival time and seats available. Basic Scenario Passenger: I spend too much money on gas commuting to work everyday. I download the app, enter my route, departure time and end time. I'm presented with a list of available seats on routes that head my way. With a simple click, I choose a route and the driver is alerted of my interest. If both parties accept, their contact information is shared and the details are worked out via phone or email. If all seats are filled, the route is no longer an option through the app. Additional functions could include trip summaries: Based on the distance of the route, number of commutes and price of fuel, the app could calculate what each passenger should pay each driver. A more robust option could include the ability to add monetary credits to your commute account and transferring these credits from passengers to drivers based on the distance, frequency and fuel metrics. Since route and time are the main variables, "last minute" 1 time commutes are possible. In Turn, HRM could use the commute data to create new datasets for monitoring routes where public transit may be lacking and other applications.