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Thanks for all the great ideas! The idea submission period is now closed. Thanks to everyone who shared their ideas and helped make the first phase of Apps4Halifax a success with 276 ideas submitted and congratulations to the winners of the 5 iPad Minis, drawn at random from the submissions.

"HaliStory" or "AncedotALL"

Natasha on Sep 06

Nova Scotia has a long and strong tradition of storytelling - legends, tails, myths, factual events and jokes. Traditionally, storytelling has been done through song, poetry and art. New technologies make it possible to share story through other mediums like photos, video, audio-files and ‘unpublished’ text on mobile screens. This app captures short accounts of a particular incident or event, especially of an interesting or amusing nature. This app encourages public to submit anecdotes associated to neighborhoods, parks, trails, lakes, rivers, harbor, landmarks, sport centres, streetscapes, houses, schools, and other buildings. They identify the type of story (as noted above) and tell the story in one of several mediums. Users can search by location, type of story and story medium. Example: I am walking the Shubenacadie Trail and I want to be amused by audio clips of humourous anecdotes or tails about the area. The app is intended to encourage walking and cycling (or wheelchair) participation by exploring HRM with entertaining and enriching information, with continuously refreshed content. Small point-of-use signage can be placed in community (streets, trails, parks, etc) to prompt people to use the app. Of course, the app can be used anytime, anywhere but it will be marketed to promote active living and sense of community.