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Fleet Tracker

Max Koszyca on Sep 06

This app would display a live view of Halifax Regional Police vehicles in the user's local area or neighbourhood. The user would not only be able to follow movements of police vehicles and criminal activity live on their screen but also report crimes and accidents from within the app at the touch of a button. Users would feel a heightened sense of security by knowing that the police is always just a few moments away, should someone need assistance, become endangered, or witness a crime. Live Tracking: This feature would consist of a map similar to other map apps, but with live icons for squad cars in the user's near vicinity. Police vehicles are already fitted with GPS tracking devices, it would simply be a matter of applying that data to a map. Reporting Crimes: At the touch of a button the user could bring up a screen on their device in which they would type in a short description of the event they witnessed. Then, the app would send it to police dispatch (or a local police vehicle). These reports would ideally either be sent anonymously, or with personal information at the senders discretion. Thank you.