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What's Up Halifax?

Kellie on Sep 05

My husband and I often ask ourselves "What do you want to do today?" "What's Up Halifax?" would solve this problem by simply answering a few easy questions. The app would be similar to the music app "Songza" you would subcategorize your search (ie. family friendly, date night, rainy day, indoors/outdoors, physical activity, sporting event) After answering those questions, the app would present you with a list of ideas (art exhibit, museum exhibit, hockey game, live concert) The app would search various local event listings, sporting event listings and also contain a list of physical activities (ie. rock climbing wall, The Oval) and local parks and beaches to visit. This app would be a great way to promote events large and small in the city as well as local parks and gardens. There are so many wonderful events that we miss out on because we are unaware of them and I know we're not the only ones who feel this way. Also great for someone who is on the go because you don't always have access to a newspaper or have the time to scour websites for entertainment options.