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Nancy Rose on Sep 05

Just this past weekend, my boyfriend and I wished it were 10 years ago, and that we knew where 'this week's fundraiser car wash' was because we were totally up to drop 25$ each for students or volunteers to clean our dirty Cars. This past Tuesday, My niece had a dance recital and I had forgotten which venue it was at, and everyone had their phones off by the time I realized I was at the wrong place. Any given weekday, my friends and I want to support local sporting events, but unless one of us are participating, we never know when/where they are! - When / Where are all the bingo games each night? I know Halifax loves Bingo like everyone else - I want to join a softball team next summer, who do I talk to? Any open try –outs? - Are there any venues / hotels / clubs which are hosting a good old ‘valentine day, Halloween or Xmas’ dance? I need to get my groove on! - What BBQ fundraisers are happening this weekend? I’m starving!! - Are there any famous hockey players playing in any tournaments this weekend? - What yard sale is going to be filling my house with treasures / other’s trash? - What about Universities, What time / place is their sporting events? I need my beer / fries / game fix! I’m not that old yet! Home OR Away Games!! Sure, you can go to your local radio station and maybe hear 1/25 events going on this week. But why not know about them all? Why not have options all in one place? Lets get this “Support Halifax” App going. Its a place where you can create a login, just like Kijiji, place the event you are hosting/apart of under simple categories “Sports” “Music” “Fundraisers” “Yard Sales” “Food” “Dance” “Drinks”. Or you can just download the app and browse through possibly “Most viewed event”, “Recently posted” or just browse the categories yourself! Let’s get this done!