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Strum (or something like it)

Erin on Sep 04

I think Halifax businesses and people should try strum, or something very similar. Strum is an already existing app. Really big in Toronto & great for customer service feedback. You can rate and provide info about a business (properly registered or not), their food, services and products etc. The more feedback you give the more points you get to bet on items in the auction. The auction has freebies, discounts and gift certificates offered by registered businesses. When I spent a week in Toronto this summer I used my collected strum points from only a few days to get two free coffees and a sushi coupon! In strum you can only review a business while on location or within a very close radius. The info each person provides then comes up on the business' page for any other potential customers to see and read. This is a great way to give positive feedback to the places we love and explain why, and then reap the rewards by using your points to treat yourself!