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Tom on Sep 04

Summary: App that gets the most relevant bus route information to a user based on three choices. Requirements: This app would use the following information: > GPS information from User handset > Bus Stop information from HalifaxOpenData > An enhancement, or access to additional data points in HalifaxOpenData, would be required to gather the route numbers serviced by a particular stop. Functionality Details: 1) Nearest Stop - not sure where you are? This will show you the nearest stop and present the go-time number and/or the routes serviced by that stop. This would be helpful for new transit users, visitors or when you're not sure where you are. 2) Nearest Stop by Route - Enter the route number you want and the app will return the closest stop based on your location along with the go-time number. Good for seasoned transit users. If the location is more than 2km away, present the option of showing the nearest stop location (Function 1 above) 3) Get me Home - Enter an address and the app will return the routes needed to get home, and directions to the closest stop along with the go-time number. Good for both seasoned and new transit users.