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Halifax Park Pursuit

Jonathan Morse on Sep 04

The main purpose of the app would be to encourage residents and tourists to visit the different parks HRM has to offer. As users check into different park locations a progress bar above the app will fill up. When a user has visited all the parks in HRM the user would have completed the app. The app background would turn gold and still be fully usable as a guide to Halifax Parks after the pursuit is completed. Features: - A map that shows all the park locations and icons to indicate if the user has visited that park. - locations can be selected and display information on the activities available, park hours, number of users who have visited that park, and upcoming events. - A progress bar that fills up as more parks are visited. Upon visiting all the locations the app background and progress bar will change to indicating that the user has become Halifax Park Expert. - Upon visiting a park and completing the app the user can share on Facebook or Twitter that they have pursued the park or became an expert. - Larger parks could have multiple areas required to be explored to complete the park. - Optional: Upon completion, the app could than revel a special location or be used to submit a form to receive a HPP pin signifying they have visited all the locations.