Responsive Devices
Thanks for all the great ideas! The idea submission period is now closed. Thanks to everyone who shared their ideas and helped make the first phase of Apps4Halifax a success with 276 ideas submitted and congratulations to the winners of the 5 iPad Minis, drawn at random from the submissions.


Steve Rankin on Sep 03

I'd like to see a GIS focused app, which contains several features that residents can easily use for access to services within the HRM. Some ideas include: - Waste Management: One that can use a devices built in location services to pinpoint your location and display the waste schedule (green bin/refuse/recycling). Seasonal tips could also be included with this section, including what items go where, which plastic numbers are accepted in recycling, etc. - Transit: Locations of bus stops, routes that service those stops, as well as times for the next several buses. Link to the full schedule. - Trip Planning via Transit or Walking/Biking: If a user is planning to travel to a location in the city and wants to to either walk, bike, or use transit (or multiple options), their route could be calculated based on available transit routes, walking paths, bike friendly roads, or greenways (or a combination). - Pot Hole Reporting: An easy and effective way to report a pot hole, with the option to submit an image of the hole for repair prioritization. Users should be able to either make use of location services for automatically panning to their position, or simply go to the location manually. Banff offers a similar service in their city app. - HRM Alerts: A method to get the word out about street closures, construction, or emergency situations. Perhaps the bridge needs to be closed for an hour as a result of an accident. Users should be able to decide whether or not they receive alerts on their home screen for specific messages related to public safety.