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Cultural Geocaching

Adam on Aug 08

This app is a way to explore HRM, enjoying not just the destination, but also the journey through the city to get there. Unlike traditional geocaching, the reward at the end is not a physical reward, but an educational or cultural one. Users would create a taste profile, selecting the type of destination they want to visit (Historical, Cultural, Artistic, Food, etc) as well as a duration (1hr, afternoon, etc) and some basic additional information (kid-friendly, adult-oriented, no-cost, walking distance, etc). Based on their answers, they would be given the location of a random destination within HRM that meets their criteria, without being told what it is. The destination could be a museum, an art gallery, a notable landmark, or even a festival or event that is happening somewhere in the city. Users would be given geographic co-ordinates to be navigated to by walking, public transit, or in their vehicle. Ideally, directions would use a series of waypoints rather than disclosing the entire path from the outset. As they reach each waypoint, they would be rewarded with facts about the local area or hints about their destination. Upon arriving at their destination, they could write "notes" to future visitors and view notes left by others, and to share their accomplishments on social media.