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Public Engagement Feedback

John Cascadden on Sep 03

Every time HRM hosts a public engagement or consultation, the event should have a unique Event ID Code. Every question asked to the public, or concept that is put forward that that HRM would like to get feedback for should have a Code that is linked to the Event ID Code. The public could enter the Event ID Code into the App (or select it from a pick-list) and the App would retrieve a pick-list of the Questions/Concepts for that event. The pick-list should conform to the Presentation Display Boards that are set up at the event. The pick-list items should be grouped in an orderly fashion if no Presentation Display Boards are used, and allow for additional HRM posed questions/Concepts that may not have been part of the presentation at the event . Selecting from the pick-list would allow the public to make comments/recommendations for the selected items in a text format. There should be the ability for the public to make additional comments/recommendations for topics that the event did not specifically ask a question about, but for which the public may feel warrants feedback. Each resident should be able to register online for a unique Personal ID Number (PIN) that would enable a directed response from HRM to be passed back to the Resident via email. The information associated with the PIN would stay confidential for HRM's use only (specific privacy regulations should be developed and made public). The resident should be able to register at any event using their PIN or by Postal Code if they wished to remain anonymous. Any resident that used their PIN to register for an event would received a report back via email concerning the results gathered from the event. A resident should be able to use the App to keep track of up coming HRM sponsored events and to RSVP their intention to attend. There may be other uses for this feedback information gathering App that does not require a physical event to take place. The App should be accessible via smartphone, or online via the Internet using a tablet/PC or other acceptable Internet communication interface. It is possible that this App could also be used by HRM Councillors to gather local feedback from their constituents. This App would be a powerful feedback information gathering tool.