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Waste Mgmt is a Public Concern

Bob Angus on Sep 02

The public needs to know the concerns of our Waste Management Services. There is a mountain of information available to the public, which they do not read. Public Education is essential to understanding the goals of a progressive Waste Management Company. Halifax is divided into a number of Districts. Select from each district a person who has an interest in finding new ways to improve our current WM service. Devising new ways to divert more material away from a landfill would be it's main goal. I am aware that there is an educational arm attached to the WM division which tells / shows people and schools, commercial companies and others how to join the recycle programs. By forming this proposed Committee, HRM would be getting feedback form an independent group that does not necessarily have a WM background. No employee from HRM is allowed to be a member of this Committee. It would be a committee of Council.