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Fun without Booze

ali on Sep 01

this app would provide you a list of places that are hosting events open to the public which are not going to be full of drunk or near-drunk people. for example, it's friday night, it's 8:30pm, and you and some friends want to go have a good time. this app would give you a list of places, based on your gps location, where there's something really awesome going down, but it's not necessarily a licensed event or venue. this would provide the many people in hrm whose social lives don't revolve around drinking, to actually hang out in public and have a really good time without side-stepping folks who don't know their limits. maybe there's a play being staged, or perhaps a set of live music that's "family friendly", but not necessarily geared at anyone under 18. with all of the information available in regard to events going on and "things to do", someone should stand up and recognize the vast number of people in this city aged 18+ who don't enjoy drinking or getting drunk, and who don't need to consume alcohol in order to have a good time in this city. step up! make this happen! provide some relief for the teetotalers who are so often margainalized in halifax or presumed to have something wrong with them. there are already plenty of apps kicking around HRM for those that wish to get drunk, how about just one for those that wish to remember the fun times they had last night?