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LearnIn HRM

SinD Roy on Sep 01

There are so many ways to learn new things in HRM, but where does one find it? Even if someone knows where to look it can be overwhelming searching through hundreds of classes at a dozen different learning organizations. I suggest an app that lists all learning opportunities in one place so that people can find the right solution for them. Whether it be a soccer team, a class in scuba diving, economics, piano or how to write a résumé, they’ll find all the options with LearnIn HRM. By searching for a keyword such as ‘Excel’, ‘Writing’, or ‘Tai Chi’, users could find all related offerings. Alternatively, users could search by topics such as Arts, Languages, Sports or Computer Programs etc. Users could find learning organizations closest to their homes via GPS coordinates or postal code and browse what those specific places offer. Data suppliers should include all manner of teachers be it private instructors, the RecConnect program, HRM libraries, AFCOOP, ASLEC, universities, colleges, Writers’ Federation of NS, SkillsNS Online, Job Junction, sports organizations, local companies and the like. There could also be a section for volunteering opportunities (EastLink TV, soup kitchens) as this is a manner of learning and skill upgrading too! The app should display information such as frequency of intake (monthly, term, weekly, drop-in etc.), dates/times, whether or not preregistration is required, prerequisites, price, number of classes, supplies needed, age group, location (online, in person, distance etc.), and whether public transportation is available to the location. It could link up to Metro Transit’s Google Map function that displays route options. The app should allow users to sort by multiple criteria such as price, location, intake dates, times (day, night, weekend) and age groups. Users could create a LearnIn profile to bookmark classes in which they are interested. When a class is selected the user can click a ‘register’ button that will lead them to the institute’s online registration or specific instructions on how to register if online registration is not available. Users could share their enrollment on social media sites. The app should also offer an opportunity for enrolled students to rate classes or provide feedback that might be useful to the institute and other potential learners. LearnIn HRM could be a great app to encourage and assist the citizens of HRM to grow personally and to become a more knowledgeable local workforce.