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Thanks for all the great ideas! The idea submission period is now closed. Thanks to everyone who shared their ideas and helped make the first phase of Apps4Halifax a success with 276 ideas submitted and congratulations to the winners of the 5 iPad Minis, drawn at random from the submissions.

Wikitude HRM!

Kirk O'Connell on Aug 29

Wikitude is the World's leading Augmented Reality SDK. The concept would be to have points of interest in the HRM coded so that when you look through the camera of your device, points of interest would pop up on your screen (with approximate directions) to lead you to the locations. With Wikitude, you can have websites linked to locations to provide information, historic or otherwise, regarding the sights as well as overlays where we can really show the story of Halifax and areas by overlaying old pictures of historic sites from the angle that they were taken. Once the infrastructure is set up, it could be easily expanded with an input page that can be vetted by people on the project team. You could look over the harbour and see what it was like to have to SS Mont-Blanc cruise into the harbour and find historic sites of interests related to to the explosion. It would be great for the tourist and the average HRM resident out to see something they have not before in our fine city!