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Open Data Hackathon The Hackathon successfully kicked-off the app submission period, demonstrating what some of our local developers and students can accomplish in 48 hours!

What is a Hackathon?

The 2013 Open Data Hackathon was a 3 day-long event devoted to collaborative creation and coding that will benefit HRM residents. Over the weekend, participants pitched ideas, formed teams, and built creative app prototypes for their community. Still confused? Check out this awesome video to learn more about hackathons.

2013 Open Data Hackathon

Halifax’s first-ever Open Data Hackathon, which took place September 13-15, 2013, turned out to be a huge success thanks to our dedicated partners, Volta and The Hub, and our generous sponsors, T4G for providing funding and technical expertise to participants, Saint Mary’s University for providing scholarships and tablets for top winners, and HPX Digital for providing tickets and Invest Atlantic for providing pitching opportunities. And of course, this event would not be possible without the energy and enthusiasm of all the participants that came out for the 3-day long event to develop app prototypes. We were able to see a glimpse of the excitement and creativity that Apps4Halifax has sparked and look forward to the completed apps, which can be submitted by November 29, 2013.


“I would like to thank everyone involved for making this event so successful. It is events like this that clearly connect us with the public and demonstrate HRM is a progressive and innovative place- with very talented and innovative staff!

Thanks to our sponsors for partnering on this- it has been a wonderful experience to work with you on such an exciting initiative. We could not do this without you!”

-Donna Davis, HRM’s Chief Information Officer

“What a great event with so much coming out of it in the way of apps, the API interface and a whole lot of excitement around open data! Again amazing job on the Hackathon. Tracy, Joanne, Milan, Julie and the whole team, my hats off to you all. So good to see progressive initiatives that are setup to benefit everyone being led by the City and a super team of innovative people, organizations and initiatives.”

- Shah Mohamed, Recreation Nova Scotia’s, Program Manager.


1st Place Team - KnowTime

1st Place Team - KnowTime

A transit app prototype using crowdsourcing of real time GPS data from transit riders’ mobile devices.

Developed by:
  • John Courtney
  • Aaron Eisses
  • Denna Jiang
  • Heather McPeake
  • Mandhir Signh
  • Jeff Stockhausen
  • Yah Ni
  • Jason Zaluski
  • Jon Sangster
  • Tickets to Halifax Pop Explosion
  • 2 Tablets
  • 2 Scholarships from Saint Mary’s University
  • Opportunity to pitch at Invest Atlantic

2nd Place Team -

An app prototype where you can earn money by renting out your parking space.

Developed by:
  • Dylan Gagnon
  • John Kolanko
  • Jeremy Aalders
  • Joel Burke
  • Rob Moore
  • Evan D’Entremont
  • Andrew Redden
  • Tickets to Halifax Pop Explosion
  • 1 Tablet
  • 1 Scholarships from Saint Mary’s University
  • Opportunity to pitch at Invest Atlantic

Other Participants

Team Wikifax

An app that aggregates meta data.

Developed by:
  • Jamie Newman
  • Liam Coleman-Aulenback
  • Scott Wesley
  • Ian Earle
  • Matthew Pallqck
  • Mark Slaunwhite
  • Glavin Wiechert

Team Metro Live Guide

Find events going on around you.

Developed by:
  • Russell Beswick
  • Michel Power
  • Ken Ramsay

Team Feed Me Cheap

Helps Haligonians find local food vendors at particular price point.

Developed by:
  • Kunal Vyas
  • Jean-marc Giffin


Game to explore Halifax and share photos.

Developed by:
  • Matt Johnston
  • Alex Hoyt
  • Ray Higgins
  • Andrew Valeneik
  • Dawson Reid

Team Child Care Finder

An app that helps people find licensed child care providers.

Developed by:
  • Aubrie McGibbon
  • Mike Kennedy
  • Louise Adongo
  • Diana Jeliazkova
  • Lwda Bolton


To browse photos of the event check out Volta's flickr account.

An outline of the September 13-15 Open Data Hackathon event is available here.

Hackathon Partners


Halifax Regional Municipality will be partnering with Volta, a local startup house. Their vision is to create a place where entrepreneurship is celebrated and taking over the world is expected. They develop the best founders in the world, who in turn create world class companies.

The Hub

The Hub has hosted several hackathons in the past and informed the development process for this event by providing their input and design expertise as well as acting as a relationship broker to create an impactful private (Volta) and public (HRM) sector partnership. The Hub is a keen supporter of the Open Government movement in HRM and is excited about the transition of our city into more transparent and open government with increased citizen engagement.

Hackathon Sponsors