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Appsalute Awards 2014 Everyone’s a winner in the Apps4Halifax contest! Thirty-eight innovative, citizen-focussed apps were submitted. Download a winning app today and join us in congratulating the talented developers who are using technology to bring Halifax-focussed information and solutions to our finger-tips!

3 apps in the Maps in Apps Startup Challenge

Hike Halifax

Platform: Android.
Author: Hurlbz (Adam, Steve, Andrew)

Go Green! Get Active! and Get Exploring! Whether you are someone who likes to keep active or just someone who likes to get out and experience what nature has to offer, this app is for you. This easy to use app provides instant access to all... more


Platform: Browser Based.
Author: Evan d'Entremont

Uses your phone's GPS to get the closest GoTime data. Uses the HTML5 geolocation API, and the Bus Stop Dataset. Checks the distance between you, and each of the 2500+ bus stops in HRM. Then redirects the browser to the Gotime page for the closest one... more

Halifax Hospitals

Platform: Browser Based.
Author: George Esoimeme

The Halifax Hospitals app is a one stop shop of all Hospitals in Halifax, it provides their addresses and telephone numbers. It is intended to be used by Halifax residents and anyone else.