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HFX Next Bus

HFX Next Bus is an app that keeps track of your favourite bus stops and tells you what time each different bus will be arriving at those stops. Users will be able to find bus stops in a variety of ways and add them to their list, where they will be saved to the device and remain viewable at any time. Created with usability in mind, HFX Next Bus features an easy-to-use intuitive design.

Value Added to Residents of HRM

From the developers' personal experiences, residents of Halifax desiring the arrival time of a particular bus at a particular stop would be required to walk to the stop, look at the GoTime number on a sign bolted to a telephone pole, and call the GoTime number on their device, having to enter a route number followed by the # key and then listening to an automated voice.

With HFX Next Bus, users can add a specific bus stop to the app, where it will always be saved (unless removed) and contain a list of every bus that will be arriving to that stop at the next closest time. In one tap of the screen on a saved bus stop, users of HFX Next Bus will see the list of every bus arriving to that stop, enabling the convenience of never having to memorize or look up a GoTime number and calling it ever again.


Tyler Pachal

Datasets Used

Bus Routes
Bus Stops
Transit Scheduling Data

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