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This Flash Energy Grid App of Nova Scotia and focusing on HRM demonstrates that Renewable Energy from Wind and Solar will eventually be able to produce Hydrogen Fuel for the soon to be released FCV, FCEV automobiles and electricity from stored hydrogen for EV (electric vehicles). This is version 1.0.0. It also utilizes the DOE windmaps and GreenPowerLabs solar map, both of which were modified slightly to fit the projection of the working base map. I don't own the rights to those maps, but I hope the added value (e.g. research and programming) will allow this to be a shared community resource and public education tool.

Value Added to Residents of HRM

To help residents to meet the Department of Energy and Department of Environments shorter and longer term GHG goals to align with the science on Climate Change and provide alternatives so that we can continue to live with a high quality of life. Specifically for residents it can act as a talking point about Hydrogen vehicles and all the progress in the Canadian and global industry. Perhaps it will inspire a student or researcher to learn more and invest in this promising technologies.


Jacob Thompson

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