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Transit 360

With Transit 360™, your Halifax's transit system fits into the palm of your hand. Quickly locate and navigate the stops and routes around you with this ideal guide to public transportation. Waiting in a transit shelter, wondering when the next bus will pull up? Quickly nab the arrival times of all the routes running through your desired stop with the Look up Stop screen. Hoping to catch a bus but not sure of the nearest stop? Simply jump to the Routes Near Me screen and let your iPhone’s GPS do the work, or search by address and Transit 360™ will find all of the stops and routes nearby, along with their schedules. Need to know where a route is headed? Tap on the routes screen and view all the stops on the map complete with daily schedules. And to top it all off, you can get one tap access to your favourite routes, searches, and stops from the home screen.

Value Added to Residents of HRM

One of the main reasons people don't use public transit is because it's hard to navigate. The two available systems from the transit authority—paper schedules and the telephone based Go-Time system—are cumbersome and give only a very narrow view of the public transit system. Transit 360 was designed to provide a simpler way of navigating public transit schedules with the goal making transit more accessible to everyone: from daily commuters to first time transit riders.

We did this by focusing our efforts on three areas:

1) Making it easy to look up a particular stop and see all buses that run through that stop, complete with there next 3 scheduled arrival times. This would be impossible with Go-Time or with paper schedules.

2) A feature for finding all nearby routes instantly. The app will display all routes running around you, complete with the next 3 arrival times as well as the location, how far from the stop the user is, and can view the stop on an interactive map.

3) Providing a list of all Metro Transit routes, complete with the schedule information for that route at each stop. Our users find the ability to check scheduled arrival times for any point in the future particularly helpful.

These features, along with the ability to favourite and search for routes, unlock much of the complexity surrounding the public transit system. Based on user feedback, it's proved to be extremely useful to thousands of commuters each day. Transit 360 has a 4.5 star rating on the App Store based on over 500 reviews.

Some user reviews we have received:

"★★★★ Great Help

As a university student, I bus a lot and without this app, I'd waste time waiting around for buses or calling go time."

"★★★★ Amazingly Useful!!!

Been relying on Google maps (screw Crapple maps) for finding details about public transit times. This drastically simplified the process from:

Memorize stop number > Plan a route to that bus stop > determine when next bus arrives


Tap on user-defined favourite stop to see when next bus is coming"

"★★★★ Transit 360

Fantastic app., and as a wheelchair user, very useful. Now what would make it even better would be a "trip duration" of each leg. Still a great addition to my iPhone.
Thank you.

"★★★★ Top notch

Excellent app. Can easily and quickly find the nearest bus stop and effortlessly find when the next few busses arrive. Best transit app I've seen."


MindSea Development Inc.

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