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Day Care and Recreational Finder

Are you a parent who needs to find a new day care center? Would you like to find a recreational facility close to the day care center you drop your children off to? Or would you like to find a new recreational facility to bring your children to. You can easily find these facilities in this app, on your desktop or on your mobile phone. Being a parent can be tough. So get rid of the stress of finding, let along thinking of where day care facilities might be and start using Day Care and Recreational Finder.

Value Added to Residents of HRM

Makes your life easier:
No more guessing where day care facilities might be, now you know where they are!
Easily find a day care center close to a recreational center. Drop the kids off and then unwind at the rec center.

Quick and easy to use:
Simply hold your mouse down to move the map around. Or, on mobile, press and move your finger around. Clicking a building that is marked on the map brings up the information about it.

No second guessing yourself:
By using Halifax Open Data, you know you are getting accurate information and have all the tools you need to find the proper Day Care and Recreational Facilities.


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