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Parkü - Haikus for Happy Parks!

HRM Parks just got happier! Fuelled by the creative content of our citizens, Parkü is a new, unique and fun way to interact with our parks and neighbours. Haikus are short poems often inspired by an element of nature, moment of beauty or a poignant experience. Did you know they were originally a form of collaborative group poetry? Parkü continues the tradition of sharing using the contemporary format of Haiku. Compose a Haiku that's inspired by one of HRM’s green spaces and share it on Parkü. The more Haikus a park has, the happier it is! Browse and share others’ experiences by checking out the park that inspired them - maybe the visit prompts YOÜ to write a Haiku too! Do you know some historical information about a park? Did a special event, present or childhood experience bring you to a green space? All of these are great sources for your short poems! Share your Parkü posts via Twitter and encourage your friends, family, neighbourhood, colleagues or your class to add Haikus of their own - how happy can you make YOUR park?!

Value Added to Residents of HRM

A light-hearted Community-Builder that lets the citizens of HRM get to know their city, recreational spaces and neighbours in a unique way!

Encourages exploration, outdoor activity, observation, creativity and sharing!
Not to mention happiness :)


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