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Using their smart device’s camera and GPS technology, residents can take a picture of an issue (like potholes, street light outages, graffiti, etc.), upload it to the site and ‘pin’ it to a location on a map. Users can then comment on and ‘upvote’ the issues that matter most to them. Once an issue reaches a critical threshold, the appropriate councillor will be notified, allowing them to implement a solution, and a ticket will be logged automatically with HRM. Issues will only be closed in Halifix when the originator of the post is satisfied with the fix – be it through the deployment of municipal resources or the ‘crowd-sourcing’ of solutions. Open. Engaging. Transparent.

Value Added to Residents of HRM

We’re an open-data social app designed to give you a visible voice. We’re here to streamline interaction between citizens and local government. Halifix helps HRM residents get together to let the city know about issues we care about. With enough votes, issues are submitted to HRM and the appropriate councillor for maximum visibility.


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