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KNOWtime Transit app

KNOWtime Transit app has been created to provide riders with real-time bus tracking information by sharing anonymous crowd-sourced location (GPS) data between riders on Halifax Metro Transit. No more wondering when your next bus is coming, now you’ll know in no time!

Value Added to Residents of HRM

Have you been frustrated by unreliable schedule times, waiting for your bus in bad weather, or being uncertain if you’ll arrive at your destination on time? Well, you’re not alone. There are lots of people who share your concerns, but we’ve come up with a solution to make it better.

KNOWtime is a mobile app that empowers transit riders by producing user-generated and real-time bus tracking information. With KNOWtime, people can improve their commuting experience by working together.

When riders help other riders, it’s like having a friend on every bus. Just share your location with KNOWtime while you ride and the whole community will benefit from real-time bus tracking.

KNOWtime tracks your location, not your identity. So you can feel secure riding with us.

You can also feel good about leaving your car at home, saving gas money, reducing traffic congestion, increasing parking options downtown, and contributing to a healthier environment.

KNOWtime runs on “crowd power” – the greater the crowd, the greater the power. So connect your friends, track your ride, and help us help you by growing our *live* local network. When you join our community, we’ll get you where you want to go in KNOWtime.

Here’s what you can expect from our KNOWtime transit (version 1.0 for iPhones):
- Anonymous real-time tracking of buses that have other KNOWtime users on board
- The scheduled departure and arrival times of Halifax Metro Transit buses (for buses without available KNOWtime information)
- A place to store your ‘favourite’ routes
Location and route information for bus stops
- The KNOWtime transit app is designed to support Halifax Metro Transit (the transit agency for Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada).


KNOWtime Commuter Technology Develo

Datasets Used

Bus Routes
Bus Stops
Transit Scheduling Data

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