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Hike Halifax

Go Green! Get Active! and Get Exploring! Whether you are someone who likes to keep active or just someone who likes to get out and experience what nature has to offer, this app is for you. This easy to use app provides instant access to all the trails in the Halifax Area overlaid on an interactive map. At a single glance users can see all the trails nearby or request directions to a trail of their choosing. So don't just sit on your couch watching TV - Get out there and see the natural beauty Halifax has to offer! This app has been optimized for both phone and tablet views.

Value Added to Residents of HRM

This app provides the following value to the HRM Resident:

1) Provides instant access to all the trails in the Halifax Area. At a glance users are provided with a list of the trails in HRM overlaid in an interactive map. Users can easily see which trails are closest to them or request directions to trails which are further away.

2) Promotes a healthy active lifestyle. Hiking provides a large number of health benefits for a low cost. It can be enjoyed by almost anyone.

3) Promotes the Go Green initiative and provides an easy way for users to re-connect with nature. Halifax is known for its vast array of natural beauty. This app gives users options to get out and experience this beauty first hand.

4) Encourages residents to get out and explore HRM. There are many hidden gems in Halifax and this app exposes trails to residents and new comers that may not otherwise be found. For the sporty adventurous types the app provides an interactive list of areas to explore.


Hurlbz (Adam, Steve, Andrew)

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