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Eco Guru

Eco Guru Halifax Regional Municipality is taking initiatives that insist ongoing waste reduction, reuse and recycling opportunities to protect the environment. It is everyone’s responsibility to be inline with the HRM’s sustainability policies. HRM takes a lot of initiatives to train the people of Halifax about “What goes where?”. Educating people about the managing waste is very challenging to the HRM. To make the information about the waste management available for everyone at anytime and anywhere we developed an Android App called “Eco Guru”. Features of the App: · Bilingual: This App will be available in both English and French. · Alert: This feature pops up “Did you know?” tips on daily basis. The message could be any news, updates, programs etc. For example, the garbage collection is closed on the Remembrance Day for most parts of Halifax, this message could be send through this pop up message. · Knowledge Depot: This feature guides people about the color bins, purpose, types of waste, what goes where, what happens after the dump, where it is recycled, what could not be re-cycled, how our poor waste management affects the environment and the consequences · Quiz: A simple quiz where people can perform self-assessment on their waste management knowledge · Send Queries and Contact: Using this feature the user can send queries/complaints/suggestions to the HRM through E-mail/Call. · Widgets: This feature helps the user to throw away his waste in the right bin. For example, if a person doubts where to throw his coffee cup he can type “coffee” in the widget search bar, this will give him the right bin. The user need not open the app every time to get the knowledge.

Value Added to Residents of HRM

Wanted to learn about the waste management? Do you want to know how eco-friendly you are? Do you want have the information available handy to you all the time? The App “Eco Guru” is one stop solution for it. The app briefs has a complete document of “what goes where” also enables the user to search with the type of the waste and the app provides relevant information of how and where to dispose it. The app has a fun quiz, which will help to know how eco-friendly you are. It also consists of the contact information of the Enviro-Depots and HRM’s.


Lakshmi Venkatesan

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