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Halifax Explorer

Have you ever wanted to find an interesting place to spend your time? Have you ever found a place you wanted to share? Now you can do that easily with Halifax Explorer! Not only do you have access to Hospitals, Trails, University's, Crimes, Entertainment and an endless amount of places to see but you can add new cool spots for others to see. Best of all, this is mobile friendly! There are endless opportunities with Halifax Explorer. This app can be used to report disturbances, give feedback on your recent visit to a local business, or even add your brand new business to the map for everyone to see. It does all of this in the simplest way possible to make sure you get the best value, without the stress of a complicated system. Not sure where a hospital is around you? Maybe you want to check out a University? Or, maybe you want to let everyone know about an amazing new restaurant. You can do all this and more with Halifax Explorer.

Value Added to Residents of HRM

Unlimited possibilities:
You are not limited with this app. If you have a brand new location no one has ever heard of that you think is interesting, you can add it for others to see. This allows you to get out there and promote your interests.

Adapts to the users and promotes business:
By letting users add new locations to this app it builds a stronger community. It gives brand new business owners a chance to get their name out there. It gives users a chance to discover new businesses.

Stay safe:
You can stay informed by viewing Crime data, or maybe you know something about a recent crime and would like to help catch a criminal. If you discover that there were numerous assaults near were you wanted to go hiking this weekend, it might be time to search for a new trail.

Removes "What to do today" headaches:
No matter what it is you need, if it is location based this app handles it. If you want to find a place to stay in and hang out, this app can do that. If you want to take your dog for a walk at a park, this app can do that. If you want to find an interesting place to impress that first date, this app can do that.

Keep the environment in mind:
This app even gives you the power to stay green by giving you recycling facilities at your fingertips.

Always there for you:
Are you a new parent? Plenty of daycare facilities are in this app.
While the children are at daycare, this app will allow you to find a place to relax. It could be retail therapy, or even an art gallery.
No matter the day, time, or weather this app makes your life that much simpler.


Jerome Pelletier

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