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Historic HaliTour

No matter where you are in the world, you can load up the Historic HaliTour and take a virtual walk to many different historic sites around the Halifax downtown and waterfront area. This web app includes several museums, forts, government buildings, ships, churches, and other historically relevant locations around Halifax; along with several interesting facts and pictures with each site. It also includes a map with all of these locations on it, which allows you to visualize the location of these sites as you walk around Halifax. Halifax has a rich and interesting history, and the city has done a great job maintaining this history in our museums and our historical structures. Historical HaliTour allows you to find these historical points of interest in Halifax, along with learning a thing or two about our past!

Value Added to Residents of HRM

This web app adds value to everyone, not just the residents of Halifax. It not only helps the residents of HRM learn more about the history of our city, but it also encourages them find these places. It is great for people who are just looking for something different to do; people who haven't visited the museums or Citadel before, or haven't done a brewery tour.
It is also responsive and is made for mobile as well. This makes it easy to use this app as a walking tour guide of downtown/waterfront Halifax. You could walk around and get some exercise while visiting different historical buildings and learning about Halifax!
Furthermore, this app is great for the tourism industry here in the city, and also helps promote local businesses. Tourists can take the Historical HaliTour before coming to Halifax, which would help them plan out their vacation better and also makes people more aware of places like the museums, brewery, and Citadel (local places that run tours).
Halifax has a lot to share, and now anyone can learn about Halifax's rich history in a fun, interactive way with Historical HaliTour!


Jeremy Tupper

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