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GreenCity Halifax

Have you ever wondered which local parks are dog friendly, or have beautiful scenery, or are perfect for picnics? GreenCity Halifax allows users to access extensive data on the features and quality of 32 parks on Halifax Peninsula. Parks are scored based on the presence of relevant features in 4 categories: aesthetics, amenities, safety, and activities, so that users can easily compare parks. No longer will people have to wonder if public restrooms are available or if sports fields are present at parks on the peninsula. Use GreenCity Halifax to plan your next outdoor outing and truly discover what the parks in your city have to offer!

Value Added to Residents of HRM

GreenCity Halifax allows for residents to learn more about what the parks in their city have to offer; thus, encouraging greater park usage. Residents of HRM can quickly and easily view the features present in 32 parks on the peninsula. GreenCity Halifax encourages residents to use and value greenspace for multiple purposes by containing information on features that range from aesthetics to physical activity potential. Residents of HRM can quickly determine the location of parks that suit their needs, such as parks that have children's play equipment or parks that have beautiful scenery.


Caroline McNamee

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