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Halifax Traffic

Get real-time traffic updates right to your phone! With the Halifax Traffic iPhone app, you can get an up-to-the-minute status report on traffic anywhere in Halifax. If you use the bridges to commute, this is a must-have app for you. You can instantly see which bridge has less traffic on it. Check the highway cameras around Halifax with a single tap, see accidents and construction displayed on a map or see the names of places people are currently talking about in traffic. Reduce your commute time by knowing where the problems are. Share your traffic updates on Twitter and see them displayed on the map for everyone.

Value Added to Residents of HRM

Halifax Traffic allows residents of HRM to share traffic data with each other. Halifax Traffic is based on Twitter but you don't need a Twitter account to use it. Anyone with an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and an internet connection can get an update on the current traffic incidents in HRM.

The Halifax Traffic app will take any shared traffic data on Twitter and visualize the traffic information in different ways.

A colour-coded icon is used for each bridge. Green means light traffic, yellow means medium, and red means that the traffic is very slow on that bridge.

The app will analyze submitted traffic data, use the street info provided from open data and add points to a map which show where current problems in traffic are located.

Finally, the app allows for the creation of a word cloud based on the words that people are talking about in traffic. The more that a name is mentioned, the larger that that name will appear, suggesting that this may be a place with traffic issues.

It is super easy to contribute to Halifax Traffic. If you see a problem in traffic, just use your Twitter account and the tag #hfxtraffic. Some examples are below.

"Accident on the corner of Robie and North Street. #hfxtraffic"

"Lights are flashing red at the Willow Tree. Traffic is backed up. #hfxtraffic"

Halifax Traffic makes getting around Halifax easy, helps reduce commute times and reduces emissions from vehicles by getting you where you are going faster.


Kris Luttmer

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