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Emergency HRM

This web map is an easy way to visualize and find all of the emergency services located in the HRM. Need to find the closest hospital, police station or fire station? Emergency HRM makes them all easy it to find, along with providing phone numbers and addresses for some of the locations. Also, Emergency HRM displays the weekly crime map that is published by HRM. Find where crime has occurred in areas around you, and help solve it if you know anything.

Value Added to Residents of HRM

This web map makes it easy for the residents of Halifax to find the nearest hospital to them, which is always a good thing to know! It also helps people locate fire stations and police stations nearby if need be. The greatest value this web map has is the display of crime in Halifax. Hopefully someone may be viewing this web map and happen to know something about one of the crimes they see on the map. Or they may have thought something was suspicious, but ignored it until noticing that it was a crime that occurred. This could help police solve more crime in the city by having more residents contact them with information. Hopefully this app promotes a safer and more prepared Halifax!


Caroline McNamee and Jeremy Tupper

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