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WeSee Video Chat System

This system provide user an online text chat/video chat application. With this application user can call each other with registered number and make connection through peer to peer server and start online text chat and video chat. The application can be run on windows platform as well as Android Mobile Device. it can provide video talk between your cell phone, cell phone to PC and PC to PC. it can also get your location and put it on the Map which is provided by Apps4Halifax open data set services. The system also provide video record function which can help users record the video where ever they go and the video can be saved locally and transfered to remote for share. This function can be expanded later to connect to "Help System" for emergency help.

Value Added to Residents of HRM

This application will provide the residents another socialization platform to chat each other, talk each other with text or with video. Not only can they see each other by video but also record the video. The residends can use this application to monitor their home from remote office - this function can be used as home security monitor tool. The residends can install and run this application as well on their android cell phone, so it will provide residents the current location on map and search the nearest bus stop and schedules. Also the video record function will help residents record the video and save/transfer to help center for immediate emergency help.


Lu Peng

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