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Easy Halifax Transit

Easy Halifax Transit provides a simple, easy to use interface and map to search and visualize all the transit routes and stops in the HRM. The app allows users to explore a map of Halifax that is populated with routes, and if the user zooms in, they can visualize the bus stops in the area as well. Furthermore, if a user clicks on a certain route or stop, a popup will provide the user with more details such as GOTIME numbers or route accessibility.

Value Added to Residents of HRM

My app provides residents with an easy way to visualize and explore the halifax transit system. It is an easy way to plan a complicated transit trip throughout the HRM, and also provides a very simple way of finding stops in your area. Also, the app allows users to have instant access to a GOTIME number for any of the stops in the HRM. Planning to get from point A to point B in the HRM? Easy Halifax Transit provides a way of visualizing your trip with just a click of a button.


Jeremy Tupper

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Community Boundaries
Bus Routes
Bus Stops

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