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Know It All

Welcome to Know It All! The best app out there for discovering your city and what it offers. Have you ever wondered which bus routes are where? Have you ever wanted to know where bus shelters are? Bus Terminals? Accessible Bus Stops? Have you been curious to find out your community boundary? Polling district? Parks around you? Or maybe, you just want to quickly look up when garbage day is. You can do all of that easily, quickly, and efficiently with Know It All.

Value Added to Residents of HRM

This app provides unlimited resources and value to anyone with access to a
web browser.
You can quickly and easily find out many different details about your city.

Maybe you are bored and want to find a park to visit? Not a problem.

Maybe you are buying a house and want to know what community you will be a
part of, simple as pie!

Have you ever wanted to know when garbage is picked up, without having to
look down the street to see if someone else put garbage out? Couple clicks
of the mouse will solve that.

Whether you are doing a class project, are curious about your city, or just
want to find a new place to go then this app is perfect for you.

Within minutes of using this app you will know more about your city and have
the ability to discover random details about Halifax. Who knows, maybe your
new knowledge might just spark up your next conversation with that special


Jerome Pelletier

Datasets Used

Community Boundaries
Bus Routes
Bus Stops
HRM Parks
Solid Waste Collection Areas
Zoning Boundaries
Bylaw Areas

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