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HFX Trails

Have you ever found yourself bored, restless, lacking adventure, and stuck trying to find something to do? Have you ever tried to find a fun trail near you to go walking, hiking, biking, or even to bring your ATV? With HFX Trails, this is now possible with a few clicks of a button! This simple and easy to use desktop application takes the hassle and guess work out of where trails are, and what the trail consist of. You can easily navigate the interactive map to tame the adventurer in you! Where will your next adventure take you?

Value Added to Residents of HRM

This app adds limitless value to everyone. Previously, the only way people could find out about cool trails around the city was word-of-mouth. Now, anyone can easily find different types of trails for different needs. Ever want to go on a nature walk? Now you have a tool at your fingertips in order to find a trail just for that!
With this app, you will never run out of trails to explore. I encourage you to try this app and find a new adventure.

Key features:
1) Ability to save locations you find interesting. This gives you the ability to save a location on the map where you thought was worthy of returning to later. Or, if you are just browsing, it could be a location you want to visit in the future.

2) Customizable search. You can change your search location, range, and type of trails to look for. This makes it easy to find the perfect trail for you.

3) So easy, anyone can use it! Seriously, this app was built to be straight forward and simple. It is packed with everything you need while keeping everything as simple as counting to five.

Get to know your city by exploring different areas and learn about the landscape hands-on.

Go green by heading outside to some unknown adventure waiting for you at many different trails.

Live it up, get fit and have fun doing it! You will never have to think of somewhere to go with this app, just a couple clicks and you are out the door.

Keep'er Movin' by having curiosity to visit new locations and see different sceneries you never knew existed.

What are you waiting for? Go discover new trails in your backyard! Get outside, get active, and have fun!


Jerome Pelletier

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